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Volume 17       January 26, 2009

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  Fun Eye Facts

Throughout history artists have placed hidden images in their works. Some are obvious and easy to find, while others are tricky and are well hidden. What you see here is the album cover from Fleetwood Mac "Mirage". The trick in this one is similar to the famous young woman/old hag perceptual illusion. The "mirage" of an old woman's profile appears in Buckingham and Nicks' joined hands. The shading on Stevie's knuckles roughly makes up the woman's squinty eye, and her nose is formed by Lindsey's thumb and the bit of palm peeking out of his sleeve. Stevie's thumb helps define the mouth and chin. The woman's hair is covered in a dark hood or shawl, which your imagination will have to form out of the black background.

  Eye Health

Can you run away from bad eye sight? A study published in the most recent issue of Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science found that runners who ran longer distances had lower incidence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) than runners who ran shorter distances. This finding was independent of age, cardirespiratory fitness, body mass index, cigarette use, and diet - all of which can also impact the incidence of AMD. The study followed 29,532 men and 12,176 women runners for 7 years. On the average, the risk of AMD decreased by 10% for each km ran per day. Runners averaging >4 km/day had the lowest AMD risk of all the groups - 50% lower adjusted AMD risk than those who ran less than 1 km/day.

  What's new in vision correction procedures

Was Captain Nemo a good LASIK candidate? If Jules Verne was alive today, could he have gotten LASIK and still dove deep enough to do research for "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas"?
To answer these questions, researchers studied the effect of deep water diving and hyperbaric stress on vision and corneal health in patients who had LASIK. In one study, patients were submerged one hundred feet and deeper under water, wearing standard diving equipment. In another study, patients were placed into hyperbaric chamber at 4 atmospheres absolute (atm abs). Vision, corneal curvature, and corneal thickness were measured before and after. The studies found no effect of diving and hyperbaric stress on vision and corneal health in patients who had LASIK.

  Tech Corner

Most LASIK procedures in the United States are now all-laser, performed with InraLase femtosecond laser, rather than the mechanical microkeratome used in the past. In the recent survey by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, over 50% of procedures are performed all-laser with IntraLase. This number has grown exponentially over the past years due to the safety and accuracy of the all-laser technique. Patients who may be considered non-candidates for LASIK should inquire if all-laser technique is used. Non-candidates for LASIK with mechanical microkeratome may be candidates for all-laser LASIK with IntraLase.

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