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    August 3, 2009

Press Release

Dr. Ella Faktorovich is named SF Vision Health Examiner.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, AUGUST 13, 2009— Examiner.com, the insider source for everything local, welcomes a prominent San Francisco ophthalmologist, Dr. Ella Faktorovich as their San Francisco Vision Health Examiner.

Dr. Faktorovich will be writing a column that is intended to advance the readers' knowledge of optimal vision health; eye conditions, the prevention of those eye conditions, and corrective measures for eye conditions. "Many consider eyesight to be the most critical of the five senses and the most critical to safety," said Dr. Faktorovich. "And while some of us are lucky to have perfect vision throughout our lifetime, many are not. Impairments can result from the way our eyes are built or, in some cases, may take place over time. My passion and mission in life is to educate and inspire people about the importance of great vision." Dr. Faktorovich added. "I hope that through my columns I will enlighten readers to the importance of being proactive about getting and keeping excellent sight throughout their lifetime." Each week Dr. Faktorovich will deliver interesting and insightful reviews of vital information about the general care and maintenance of vision, detection of disease, and reviews of exciting breakthroughs in medicine and surgery related to eye conditions and vision correction.

Dr. Fakorovich is the founder of Pacific Vision Institute in San Francisco. Her commitment to advancing vision care options for patients has led her to be considered one of California's leading eye surgeons. In addition to busy clinical work, Dr. Faktorovich remains active in multiple research projects and is the recent author of the first book on Femtodynamics for Refractive Surgery. More information about clinical care and research at PVI can be found at www.pacificvision.org

Dr. Faktorovich joins other notable Examiners who cover thousands of subjects to entertain, inform and inspire readers. Examiner.com carefully vets each of its Examiners and provides them with access to readers through their network that expands 90 markets.

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