How Wavefront Maps Work

Wavefront maps are plotted by passing a narrow ray of safe light through the optical system and measuring the optical distortions as it exits the eye. These patterns, called aberrations, are then compared with the flat wavefront maps of eyes with normal vision. The result is a high level of precision and accuracy, accomplished in less than three minutes of a patient’s time.

What is Wavefront-Guided LASIK?

Wavefront-guided LASIK is a custom LASIK procedure in which treatment is applied based upon the unique visual characteristics of your eye. This type of Custom LASIK is performed after your eye structure has been mapped with "wavefront" technology, creating a three-dimensional image of your eye, revealing even the smallest structure problems affecting eyesight. The information from the wavefront-map is then accessed to digitally guide the laser to address the unique condition of the patient. This advanced technique produces superior results to traditional LASIK and is often sought by our patients at Pacific Vision Institute.

What are the Benefits of Wavefront-guided LASIK or PRK?

The development of wavefront technology significantly improved outcomes in LASIK and PRK surgeries. The benefits include:

  • Increase chance of achieving 20/20 vision or better, without glasses
  • Reduced risk of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity with LASIK or PRK
  • Can reduce the potential for night vision problems
  • Wavefront-guided LASIK is effective in treating patients who had an earlier laser surgery and were left with vision problems

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What is Wavefront-Guided PRK?

Your individual eye map can also be used similarly to perform PRK surgery, the appropriate procedure for some patients. The process involves creating a 3D image of your eye structure with wavefront technology.

The surgical procedure is guided by your individual eye map to produce a superior result. Also called “custom PRK,” at Pacific Vision Institute, our eye specialists may choose this procedure for patients who have more severe vision problems or who work in very active professions that involve a risk of eye impact. Custom PRK does not involve creating a “flap” through which the cornea is reshaped that could become dislodged if the eye is hit in sports, combat, training, or police work.

What Vision Correction Treatment is Right for Me?

When you work with our professional team of eye specialists at Pacific Vision Institute, you are in the hands of some of the most respected eye surgeons in the USA. We are very thorough in evaluating the eye condition of our patients, his or her lifestyle, and any medical conditions that could affect outcome.

We may advise that you undergo wavefront-guided LASIK (a type of custom LASIK), or wavefront-guided PRK (a type of custom PRK), based upon a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes with advanced eye mapping technology. There is no “one answer” for every eye condition – your eyes are unique to you. The first step is a full eye examination, including digital mapping to identify accurately the source of your vision problems.

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