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Dr. Seibel is a U.S. patent holder and has invented more than twenty instruments for cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma surgery. For his work in advancing the field of cataract and lens surgery, he has been honored with the American Academy of Ophthalmology High Achievement Award. He is committed to providing the most advanced vision correction treatments to his patients.

Dr. Barry Seibel is considered by key opinion leaders in ophthalmology to be one of the top cataract and lens surgeons in the world. He is the author of the critically acclaimed and best- selling cataract and lens surgery textbook “Phacodynamics”, now in its fourth edition and with translations into multiple languages world-wide. Frequently referred to as “the bible of cataract and lens surgery”, his book uniquely applies engineering principles to facilitate customized surgery for each individual patient, facilitating the gentlest, safest, and most effective possible surgery.

The textbook is used by both novice and advanced eye surgeons worldwide for learning the science behind cataract and lens surgery specific to patients as individuals rather than a generalized approach. Having mastered the principles in his textbook, Dr Seibel is among the very few (about 1%) of US surgeons to routinely use Dual Linear Pedal Control techniques for the greatest finesse and safety for his patients.

A Doctor Chosen by Other Doctors for Their Own Cataract Surgery

Dr. Seibel is a U.S. Patent holder, and has invented more than 20 surgical instruments for cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma surgery. His surgical instruments are some of the most commonly used ones by eye surgeons world-wide. He is also a dedicated teacher who has given more than 300 eye surgery lectures in over 20 countries on six continents, and he has demonstrated his surgical technique around the world. These live surgery events have been observed via satellite by thousands of eye surgeons in multiple countries interested in learning Dr. Seibel’s methods.

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Background and Education

Dr. Seibel’s extensive background and expertise in both the art and technology of cataract and lens surgery has placed him in high demand from ophthalmic industry. He has served as a bioengineering consultant to multiple companies, helping to bring new technologies to market, including pioneering work in microrobotics and laser cataract surgery. He was the first surgeon in California to use the femtosecond laser in cataract and lens surgery, and is the inventor on some of the core patents for this technology. Dr. Seibel served as an investigator in numerous FDA clinical trials for the continual improvement of patient-centered eye surgery. His work with the industry and the FDA means that you as a patient will not only be made aware of some of the safest and most advanced current technology, but also often some promising technologies that might soon become available.

Dr. Seibel is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rice University and completed his eye surgery residency at the USC Doheny Eye Institute. He is on the clinical faculty at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, where he has received the Residents’ Teaching Award. Dr. Seibel also serves on the faculty for Harvard Medical School’s Annual Advanced Cataract Course and is the Director of All Surgical Skills Transfer Courses (including Cataract Surgery and LASIK) for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. For his work in advancing the field of cataract and lens surgery, Dr. Seibel has been honored with the prestigious American Academy of Ophthalmology High Achievement Award.

Dr. Barry S. Seibel

As the Director of Cataract and Lens Surgery at Pacific Vision Institute, Dr Seibel performs Laser Cataract and Lens Surgery and advanced lens implants like Technis Multifocal, Crystalens, Symfony, PanOptix, Vivity, ICL, and Toric lenses to reduce or eliminate dependance on glasses. He personally examines and spends time with each patient to help determine their best options. When it comes to the quality of your vision, we understand that nothing is more important to you than choosing the most skilled and caring eye surgeon.


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