What is Wavefront-Optimized Vision Mapping?

Wavefront-optimized maps are a representation of your unique corneal curvature with the use of a specialized corneal mapping device that will reveal the distortion of light caused by eye anomalies. Those with normal corneal curvature, have an average corneal flat-ness, and those who struggle with poor vision, requiring glasses or contacts, will have a map with minor peaks and valleys – distortions in eye structure that result in poor vision.

After wavefront-optimized mapping, the LASIK or PRK procedure can be performed with an extremely high level of accuracy in a customized procedure, guided by the digital information of your eye map.

This mapping diagnostic tool makes it possible to custom-correct any of the following vision problems:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Abnormal corneal curvature

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Amazing place where you can really trust your eyes. I had my LASIK a week ago and it feels so great to have my vision back! Thank you Dr. Faktorovich! N.P.

Correcting Your Vision with LASIK and PRK

Dr. Faktorovich is a leading eye specialist who is recognized by her peers for her outstanding results in vision correction, including custom LASIK and custom PRK surgeries. She will personalize your procedure based upon the unique variations in eye structure revealed in the 3D wavefront eye map.

What is the Difference Between Wavefront-Optimized and Wavefront-Guided Eye Surgery?

Wavefront-guided treatments use measurements of the unique problems in a patient’s optical pathway to design a custom treatment to correct the refractive error. Wavefront-optimized LASIK or PRK is a method in which more energy is delivered to the periphery of the cornea for improved accuracy for certain patients. Both methods are very effective and which one is right for you will be based upon a full eye exam to identify the source of your vision problems.

What Can I Expect from Wavefront-Optimized LASIK and PRK?

Your LASIK or PRK procedure is customized to treat your eyesight using the unique map created of your eye. The results achieved with wavefront-optimized PRK and LASIK are typically total vision restoration, at 20/20 or even better. When undergoing vision correction surgery, you want the best result that can be achieved.

With wavefront-optimized LASIK and PRK surgery, our patients are exceptionally pleased to be able to live life without glasses or contacts, with clear, sharp, accurate vision.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Faktorovich of Pacific Vision Institute?

Dr. Faktorovich is one of the most highly-esteemed ophthalmologists in America, named one of the Top 100 Health Professionals in the world. A true leader in vision correction, she founded Pacific Vision Institute in San Francisco to provide patients the most advanced vision correction treatments available. Many professionals, including other eye doctors, industry leaders, CEOs, and people from all walks of life who want the most advanced LASIK or PRK treatments come to Pacific Vision Institute for treatment.

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